We offer bespoke research, genealogy and personal history services to individuals, businesses and institutions around the world.

Our Philosophy

More than 2,000 years of human brain power at your service.

We provide our clients with unique and original solutions by carrying out academic-grade research and applying the findings to real-world problems.

Let Michelango help onboard your staff, JS Bach improve turnover, Socrates do your marketing, or DH Lawrence mend your heartache.

Our People

Matthis Hervieux

Ghostmaster General

It’s never a one-man job, but you need one man at the helm: Matthis Hervieux. An independent researcher with experience in academia and the corporate world, Matthis is responsible for everything.

A small dazzle of zebras regularly assist in the production and implementation of solutions. Listing them all here would be too long.


The Dazzle of Zebras

The Dazzle of Zebras


Our Services

From research support for students and academics to bespoke projects for institutions or businesses, find out how we can help you break through and engage your audience.

The internet has made birth records and archives accessible worldwide. But it’s easy to get lost. Let us help you find yourself.

We can help you write yours or your company’s history. Knowing who you are is the only way to know where you are going.

What it’s Like Working with Us

We don’t do off-the-shelf: every project we take on is different.

When you approach us for the first time, we’ll start a discussion based on the problems or needs you have. We’ll talk about them in more details to get a clear picture of what you need and we’ll produce a brief outlining how we will go about delivering a solution. The brief is the basis of the project; it sums up where you want to go, and how we will work to get you there. With the brief comes the quote, detailing the financial aspects of the project.

How can we help?

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